York Opioid Collaborative Community Meetings

The York Opioid Collaborative facilitates connections with stakeholders to increase a shared understanding of substance use disorders and overdoses in our community, increase shared accountability, and facilitate both targeted and community-wide problem solving.   YOC strives to be the connective tissue to bring partners from various sectors together to improve our collective response to SUD and overdoses in York County.

We conduct this work through a community-wide coalition.  The coalition is represented by a wide range of stakeholders along the SUD/OUD continuum.  The York Opioid Collaborative, as a non-profit, leverages these relationships to increase its depth and breadth of connectivity in our community.   The full coalition meets quarterly with work groups meeting independently. 

Education/Awareness Work Group
Increase county-wide prevention and education efforts throughout York County to prevent or delay the onset of Substance Use Disorder.

Recovery/Community Support Work Group
Ensure that all individuals in York County have the opportunity for successful recovery and supportive communities.  

Harm Reduction Work Group
Increase rescue efforts in York County to promote the health, safety, and well-being of persons at high risk for an overdose and/or those with a substance use disorder.

Public Health and Safety Team (PHAST)
The goal of PHAST is data-driven overdose response among Public Health and Public Safety Partners through action-oriented, facilitated targeted problem solving with shared accountability among partners and performance monitoring of interventions.  This is designed to enhance data collection and sharing among stakeholders to better inform community response and individual agency response.

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